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11 Questions (and Answers) You’ve Had About Dental Implant Surgery

You’ve heard of dental implants, but you still have a lot of questions, right? Today, the Campbell Dental Group team tackles eleven of the most common questions people have about dental implants and dental implant surgery. Take a look and then give us a call to schedule your next consultation in Tucson. man with missing […]

Foods that Cure Bad Breath… And Can Win Your Friends Back!

Last week, we covered a list of foods that cause bad breath. This week, the Campbell Dental Group team provides the antidote! Discover why certain foods cure bad breath and keep your friends around. Happy eating! 4 Foods that Cure Bad Breath… and Keep Your Friends Around 1) Lots and Lots of Water OK, it’s […]

Is Having A Root Canal Painful?

Most patients having a root canal do not find it to be a painful procedure. Most Dentists have a great deal of experience in getting teeth anesthetized. If I am starting a root canal and my initial attempt(s) at achieving anesthesia are incomplete, there are a number of additional injection options available, including intraligamental, intrapulpal […]